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    2019 年 2 月19 日,以太币交易总额为2,793,055 ETH ,比前日下降 7.89%;日活跃用户量 142,696,比前日下降 7.62%;新增合约 7,957 个,比前日下降  27.61%;平均交易费用为 372.96 GWEI,比前日上升 2086.77%;最活跃合约为 0x2a0c0dbecc7e4d658f48e01e3fa353f44050c208;通证代币交易总额为 337,648 个,比前日上升 12.44%。


    资深 Parity 开发者 Afri Schoedon 退出以太坊社区

    杰出 Parity 开发者 Afri Schoedon 已经退出以太坊社区。早前有消息报道,Afri Schoedon 关闭了社交媒体账号,但 Afri Schoedon 在最新一条推特中澄清了此事。他写道:“我并没有退出社交媒体平台,我退出的是以太坊社区。我并没有黑化,我只是离开了以太坊社区。我不再担任以太坊硬分叉的协调工作、不再从事搭建测试网的工作,也不再提供以太坊其他方面的贡献。”他说他并没有加入过 Polkadot,他也“不讨厌以太坊,而是喜欢以太坊。”

    Long-time Parity Developer Afri Schoedon Parts Ways with Ethereum

    On Monday Blockstream added a new technology called “MuSig” to its test cryptographic library and the release allows developers to experiment with the Schnorr signature and also search for bugs. Schnorr could improve Bitcoin’s scalability and privacy and the technology has excited many developers for a long time. Andrew Poelstra, a mathematician at Blockstream, wrote, “We’ve been turning MuSig from an academic paper into a usable code, and this week we merged that code into...the high-assurance cryptographic library used by Bitcoin Core.” This is the first time the code has been made available for testing and many Bitcoin developers think it could be a positive upgrade for the Bitcoin network. Schnorr signatures could also facilitate the anonymization of lightning transactions and developers are already brainstorming other technologies that could be built on top of it. 



    在 Reddit 的最新一期“Ask Me Anything“(AMA 尽情拷问我)活动上,以太坊联合创始人 Vitalik Buterin 透露了自己所持的加密币有比特币现金、比特币、狗狗币以及 Zcash,但他所持的这些币总值不超过以太币总值的10%。他还表示,他也持有Kyber、OmiseGo、Maker、OMG、以及 Augur,这些资产的总值也不超过所持以太总值的 10%。V神提到,他拥有区块链研究公司 Clearmatics 和着重于隐私研究的区块链初创公司 Starkware ”的大量股票。他还提到,以太坊基金会的工作以及为上述投资组合中提到的代币提供咨询服务也为他带来一部分收入。

    Vitalik Buterin Discloses Non-ETH-based Crypto Holdings and Other Sources of Revenue

    During a recent “Ask Me Anything” (AMA) Reddit thread Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin revealed that he holds Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin, Dogecoin and Zcash in his portfolio and the combined value of these holdings account for less than 10 percent of the value of his Ethereum holdings. Vitalik also said he owns Kyber, OmiseGo, Maker, OMG, and Augur and clarified that these holding also represent less than 10 percent of the value his ETH holdings. Buterin mentioned that he has “significant corporate shareholdings” in blockchain research firm Clearmatics and a privacy-focused blockchain startup called Starkware. Buterin said he also draws income for his role with the Ethereum Foundation and for the advisory services that he provides to the tokens disclosed in his portfolio. 



    加密分析师 Alex Ziupsnys 表示,大多数人低估了纳斯达克加密货币指数的重要性。Ziupsnys 称比特币和以太币期货活跃指数的上市将可能导致很长一段时间内,新加密投资产品得到上市批准。Ziupsnys 解释说:“加密货币的采用就在你眼前悄无声息地进行,直到你停下里环顾四周时你才会发现,而比特币是主要资产。”这两个指数将在 2 月 25 日上市,且如果 SEC 通过了比特币ETF的申请,那么 ETF 的运营商或可以用这两个指数来确定每个数字资产的准确价值。

    Why Nasdaq's Bitcoin Index is a Bigger Deal than People Realize

    Crypto analyst Alex Ziupsnys says that most people are underestimating the importance of the Nasdaq’s cryptocurrency indices. Ziupsnys said the listing of the Bitcoin and Ethereum liquid futures indices could eventually lead to the approval of a new range of crypto-based investment vehicles over the long-term. Ziupsnys explained that “adoption happens gradually right in front of you, until you finally pause, look around, and Bitcoin is the dominant asset.” Both indices launch on February 25th and in the event of an SEC approval, Bitcoin ETF operators might utilize the indices to find an accurate representation of each digital assets’ value. 



    据 eToro 近期的调查数据显示, 近一半千禧一代投资者比起美国证券交易所,更信任加密交易所。据该调查报告显示,43% 的受访者信任加密交易所,93% 的千禧一代交易者表示,如果传统金融机构提供加密交易服务,他们会在数字资产上进行更大的投资。71% 的千禧一代投资者表示,尽管他们暂未购买加密货币,但如果银行可以提供此类服务,他们就会进行投资。41% 的受访者还表示他们有兴趣将加密资产添加到他们的401(K)退休储蓄计划中。 eToro 美国总经理 Guy Hirsch 表示,由于“区块链有不可变性这个属性,使得实时审计变得合理且性价比高,因此市场正在经历信任的转变。”

    Survey Finds More than Half of Millennial Investors Trust Crypto Exchanges More than Stock Exchanges

    Data from a recently conducted eToro survey found that nearly half of all millennial traders trust cryptocurrency exchanges more than the U.S. stock market. According to the report, 43 percent of survey participants trusted crypto exchanges and 93 percent of millennial cryptocurrency traders said they would invest more into digital assets if traditional financial institutions provided the service. 71 percent of millennials report that while they do not trade cryptocurrency, they would if their bank offered it. 45 percent of survey participants also expressed interest in allocating a crypto-position in their 401(k) retirement savings plans. eToro U.S. managing director Guy Hirsch said the market is undergoing a generational shift in trust as “immutability is native to blockchains and that makes real-time audit to be sensible and cost-effective.” 



    Afri Schoedon


    我并没有退出社交媒体平台,我退出的是以太坊。我并没有黑化,我只是离开了以太坊社区。我不再担任以太坊硬分叉的协调工作、不再从事搭建测试网的工作,也不再提供以太坊其他方面的贡献。我从来没有加入过 Polkadot,我一直在以太坊的项目工作。我也不讨厌以太坊,而是喜欢以太坊。

    请注意,我从 2015 年至今对以太坊所作的贡献(包括硬分叉协调工作)都是无偿的,我在以太坊 Parity 客户端的工作除外。请大家理解,我并不想再把我的业余时间花在这件事情上了。


    I did not quit social media, I quit Ethereum. I did not go dark, I just left the community. I am no longer coordinating hard-forks, building testnets, or contributing otherwise. I did not work on Polkadot, I never did, I worked on Ethereum. I did not hate Ethereum, I loved it.

    Note, that all my contributions from 2015 up till today - including hardfork coordination - were unpaid with the sole exception for my work on the Parity Ethereum client. I ask for understanding that I am no longer interested in spending my free time here.

    If you have an exciting project that really matters and does not come with a token, send me a mail. I care for radical decentralization and privacy-enhancing projects, data, security, and empowerment. I have a lot of free time now.


    Iuri Matias

    Embark Framework 开发负责人

    很遗憾,我并未对发生在 Afri 身上的事感到意外。这几年,类似事件一次又一次地发生在以太坊社区其它人身上。社交媒体键盘侠(以及其水军)都很冷血,而作为一个社区,我们从来没有对他们表示同情,直到一切无法挽回。

    Unfortunately, I'm not that surprised with what happened to Afri. The same thing has happened again & again to other ppl in the community over the years. The social media mob (& its puppets) is merciless & as a community we have never been empathetic enough until it's too late.






    I think Bitcoin maximalism is having a bit of an identity crisis. Five different people give you five different definitions. What's the point of using it anymore?

    It's generally tricky to be a bitcoin whatever-ist, because it ties your identity to bitcoin. As a result, attacks on bitcoin feel more personal and it gets harder to openly discuss flaws of the system (How many of us can accurately describe about our own flaws?)


    Jimmy Song




    There are two ways to obtain wealth: voluntary and involuntary. The first requires you to add something to the world, the second just means someone is stealing.

    The former is where prosperity happens. The second is where war, destruction and decline happen.


    Ryan Sean Adams

    Mythos Capital 创始人




    The question in 2015: is crypto dead? 

    The question in 2019: when will the bear end?

    Huge difference


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